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What’s Up at RCC

Exciting Upcoming Events!

SAT Preparation for the NEW SAT

The newly-designed SAT test focuses on the knowledge, skills, and understandings that research has identified as most important for college, career readiness and success.  There is greater emphasis on the meaning of words and how word choice shapes meaning, tone and impact.  The math section will measure fluency, conceptual understanding and application in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. For more information, please read this letter.

RCC’s Adult & Youth Education Center: For Adults

Bronx History: Taught by the pre-eminent Bronx Historian, Lloyd Ultan. Rooted in over three and a half centuries of growth, from the wild frontier through the fires of the Revolution and the wrenching changes wrought by industrialization, suburbanization, immigration and urbanization, the people of The Bronx contributed much to the development of the city and the nation. This legacy is passed on to Bronxities who can share it with those who follow in their footsteps. See Spring Brochure for times and fees.

Playing Bridge Better: Riverdale resident Rich Marchione, Life Master, bridge author and American Contract Bridge League director will lead this course. Not making those makeable hands?  Not bidding those slams?  Attend this new class and improve all facets of your game, from bidding and defense to declarer play.  The Supervised Play of the Hand format will let you learn as you play, with your instructor guiding you through tricky finesse and end-play situations. See Spring Brochure for times and fees.

RCC’s Adult & Youth Education Center: For Children (ages 7-12 unless noted)

Fencing: Beginners (ages 8-13) will engage in a fun-filled class that uses the building blocks of competitive fencing to emphasize the importance of working together while also fostering the child's ability to think individually and critically. This class helps students improve their balance, hand-eye coordination, and mindfulness through games and challenges that involve swords.  Class taught by a coach from the New Amsterdam Fencing Academy. See Spring Brochure for times and fees.

Circus Arts: The class will teach tumbling, juggling, balancing, and playing the circus way, and will cover a wide variety of circus skills while building strength, flexibility, coordination, confidence, teamwork, creativity and individuality. At the end of the course, students will have a chance to show off their new skills in their very own circus performance. See Spring Brochure for times and fees.

Art of Crafts: Come and learn how to create art from your favorite heros and fictional characters!! Explore the worlds of 2D and 3D design.  Join in the fun as we transform everyday materials into beautiful works of art.  Students will discover their inner talent through collage, painting, sculpture/model making and they will also have the opportunity to construct their very own art journal. See Spring Brochure for times and fees.